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  • Hongyan Sun,Sales Director ,Joined the Company in April, 2007

        Looking back to the past few years, I have been through a great deal with the the development of our company. I was exposed to a lot of new things, and new concepts, I have learned much new knowledge and experiences, which has helped me acquire great improvement in both self awareness and working abilities. In daily work, I’ve always told myself to be practical, stick to high standard and strict demands so that I can realize improvements in both professional and overall quality. And by doing so, on the development platform provided by the company, I grew from an ordinary salesman to a sales director.
         I would like to share some advices based on my working experience in the past seven years:
        1. The sales work is a kind of work that challenges yourself and sharpens your will. Therefore, we will need the spirit of “Xusanduo”, which represents   the spirit of never giving up. We also need to constantly hold onto passion and our dreams, and anything that can inspire us.
        2. The sales process is also a process of showing oneself and improving oneself; therefore, the salesperson should sell with heart for every sale.
        3. The success of sales doesn’t just depend on whether the cooperation is established, it also depends on whether the trust is achieved. Honest selling is   the beginning of successful sales.
        4. In the process of sales, we should be good at summarizing, and we should constantly explore our potentials, and by doing so, we can keep growing, innovating, and showing our self-value, then we can realize our career plans and follow the development steps of the company.
         I am willing to contribute all I have and work with you to paint a beautiful blueprint on the platform provided by ACCB.


  • Li Shuihong Senior Director of the Administration Department Joined the Company in July, 2005

        In July, 2005, shortly after my graduation from university, I was lucky to join ACCB at its starting stage and become the first full-time employee. Nine years has passed till now, and I have been working here for thousands of days. During these years, I have witnessed the growth and development of ACCB. The number of employees grew from one to more than 150, while the company itself has turned from one small office located in Tsinghua Science Park into an enterprise possessing a complex building of several thousand square meters, branch offices in Yongfeng, Guomao, Jiaxing, and agencies in Guangzhou and Shanghai. Its products have expended from single technical platform to the multiple technical platforms with a variety of products. Its business has spread from Beijing and Tianjin to the whole country and even out of China. I am so proud of ACCB and even more proud to be a witness of its growing.
        With the rapid development of ACCB, I grew up quickly with it. I was a HR and administrative assistant when I first joined the company. Now I hold the position of senior director who will manage this company well for my colleagues. Every progress and step of mine cannot be possible without instructions from my leaders and my colleagues who have shared both honors and woes with me. It is them who have given me goals to fight for, and it is them who have inspired me to make constant progress and improvement.
        I believe that ACCB will become the industry leader in molecular diagnostic reagent and individualized treatment both in and out of China, and I will make bigger achievements together with ACCB.

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