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    Beijing ACCB Biotech Ltd. is an innovative company dedicated to molecular diagnostics for precisionmedicine. The company commercializes in vitro diagnostic kits (IVD) and clinical diagnostic services for cancer screening, early-stage cancer detection, prognosis evaluation, precisioncancer therapies, and therapeutic efficacy,which include reoccurrence monitoring. 

    ACCB Biotech released a series of patent-protected, CFDA-approved, CE marked IVD kits, representing an extensiveand expanding pipeline.  TheirIVD kits are manufactured in their CFDA certified GMP facility. ACCB Biotech’s central service lab in Jiaxingholds a Chinese Clinical Laboratory Certification offers hundreds of tests on platforms including Real-Time PCR, FISH, Sanger sequencing and Next Generation Sequencing.  The company has built a strong market position in Chinaserving customers in hundreds of hospitals both tumor and general in nature.
    Established in 2004, ACCB Biotech is an established and known leader in oncology diagnostics.  The company addresses urgent patient needs withadvanced and reliable molecular diagnostic products for precision medicine.  ACCB Biotech delivers the following product series:
Biomark® — A series of Real Time RT-PCR kits designed to detect gene mutation, amplification, gene fusion, expression and polymorphisms.  The series consists of 24 kits.  The kits for EGFR, KRAS, BRAF and PIK3CA have been CFDA approved and CE marked for IVD.
    2. NextDaySeq—A series that offers revolutionary products,which streamline and simplify targeted sequencing on the Ion Torrent™ PGM System.  Empowered by the proprietary technologies of DNA extraction, library preparation and bioinformatics, the NextDaySeq Series allows a 48-hour turnaround from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples to identification of variants with demonstrated clinical importance.  The series is intended for R.U.O. 
    3. EnzymAct®— An enzyme-based urine diagnostic test kit designed for early cancer detection. 
    4. Oncomark® — A series that provides information of prognosis and response to treatment. 
    All products are developed and manufactured in ISO 13485 certified and GMP audited facilities.
    Jiaxing ACCB Diagnostics Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing ACCB Bitotech Ltd., is a central service lab with Chinese Clinical Laboratory Certification.  The lab is driven to deliver diagnostic insights that help healthcare providers to well define treatment options for the improved benefit of patients. This state-of-art facility provides a wide range of clinical services on platforms of RT-PCR, FISH, IHC, Sanger sequencing and NGS. The clinical laboratory has been accredited with ISO 15189. 


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